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I’m Joanna Sinclair

As a coach I support people with fertility struggles, offer programmes and services to help the physical and emotional impact and to enhance fertility naturally, and work collaboratively with other professionals for the best possible opportunities and outcomes for you.   


Why I am so passionate to about helping you…….

I have lived and experienced a long fertility journey, I remember only too well the emotional impact and the pain. Fertility struggles are such a personal experience and often we endure them alone or without anyone understanding, sometimes there are many things we don’t understand ourselves, the agonising hours of googling and sleepless nights worrying, the fear, anticipation and the impact it can have on all aspects of our relationships and lives and the uncertainty for the future.

What can I help with………

The feelings of emotional overwhelm and the physical aspects of medications, treatments and the want to have someone with whom I can share, offload, connect knowing that they have expert knowledge, empathy and compassion to support me and my partners needs would have been something priceless. This would have saved me so much pain, time, money and heartache.

That’s why I now want to share and help you! I endeavour to support others and equip them with and accompany them through their journey with more ease, offering comfort, sharing knowledge, enabling them to feel more control and able to move forward with resilience in their journey and the rest of their lives.


As a holistic fertility coach I have knowledge in conception and natural fertility enhancement and working with both body and mind together for optimum effectiveness

As a mental health and wellbeing fertility coach I blend techniques and have effective programmes to educate, support and empower people to help navigate when on difficult journey.

My podcast is about education and information sharing, discussing current topics, highlighting other experts and their knowledge and offering you the opportunity to ask questions and become involved the content and giving you what you need. 

For details of upcoming events please check out my events link on my social media here Resilience In-Fertility

Through my voluntary work as spokesperson and ambasabor for Fertility First UK we are constantly organising events of which I am often heavily involved and can be found in the event section here

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About Jo

If you’re here I guess you’re having a tough time? Well that’s why I do what I do, because I get it, I understand and live lived and breathed fertility and infertility for over 10 years. Now with my family complete, which wasn’t easy, I have resigned to using my knowledge, contacts, expertise and time both in my career and through charitable and voluntary capacity to raise awareness, support, educate and empower others.

I am a coach and blend a range of techniques and skills that I have studied, practiced and combined with knowledge and the access to medical professionals and wider services I can tailor support to best help you. I offer a variety of services to individuals, couples and even organisations and educational materials and training to raise awareness in groups or organisations. If you want a chat to discuss your needs then get in touch to see how I can best help.

Blog and Resources

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I have found Jo to always be so supportive and attentive to my fertility issues. Jo’s knowledge is incredibly vast, her personal experience and qualifications make her not only honest, but also makes it an educational journey. I have learnt so much in the time Jo has been coaching me, about myself and my fertility. After my miscarriages I was really lost and not everyone understands the pain and overwhelming sadness of something so traumatic. Coaching not only taught me to understand my physical and mental health, but also about my general well-being. If you have never had coaching before, please give it a go it makes you look at fertility and well-being in a completely different and more positive way.

Jo’s professionalism means that I can ask her anything and nothing is ever classed as a silly question. I have shed many a tear with her, her empathy and understanding helps turn my negative thoughts into positives ones, she’s amazing at doing that!!

Jo is truly inspirational, with such a positive outlook on everything. My fertility journey is much more relaxed with her around coaching me through it all, she is truly amazing. Everyone needs a Jo on their fertility journey and I for one highly recommend her.

‘A’ May 2020