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I’m Joanna Sinclair

I specialise in educating and supporting people with emotional issues, building resilience, mental health and wellbeing.

I help with fertility issues and those that want physical and emotional advice and help through their conception and fertility journey to build families.

I work supporting children, teens and families in a variety of ways both 1:1 and running groups and workshops to help tackle a range of social and emotional issues.

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Freedom Fertility Formula coach and hands-on fertility expert,
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About Jo

Having spent 6 years trying to conceive my 3rd child, my daughter, my fertility journey led me on a path to a huge passion to help others. This quest to conceive took me to other countries and around the world, to use assisted conception and eventually a natural conception. It was everything I learned, discovered and experienced that sparked my passion to help others and the desire to train as a Freedom Fertility Specialist. This combined with my knowledge of health and a qualification in holistic fertility enables me to provide support to those on their journey to conceive.

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This is IVF and other fertility treatments

This is IVF and other fertility treatments

I was honoured to be asked by Sheila to write about my experience of going through fertility treatment – the raw, honest truth. I’m joined in this book by many other amazing IVF warriors, and we share our fears, anxieties, pain and hopes, as well as advice and...

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I have found Jo to always be so supportive and attentive to my fertility issues. Jo’s knowledge is incredibly vast, her personal experience and qualifications make her not only honest, but also makes it an educational journey. I have learnt so much in the time Jo has been coaching me, about myself and my fertility. After my miscarriages I was really lost and not everyone understands the pain and overwhelming sadness of something so traumatic. Coaching not only taught me to understand my physical and mental health, but also about my general well-being. If you have never had coaching before, please give it a go it makes you look at fertility and well-being in a completely different and more positive way.

Jo’s professionalism means that I can ask her anything and nothing is ever classed as a silly question. I have shed many a tear with her, her empathy and understanding helps turn my negative thoughts into positives ones, she’s amazing at doing that!!

Jo is truly inspirational, with such a positive outlook on everything. My fertility journey is much more relaxed with her around coaching me through it all, she is truly amazing. Everyone needs a Jo on their fertility journey and I for one highly recommend her.

‘A’ May 2020