Hi I’m Joanna Sinclair, Welcome to Resilience Reborn!

Hi I’m Jo

I am a lecturer, fertility coach and practitioner that helps support and educate both men and women on a journey to create a family.  Helping to optimise your physical and emotional health and wellbeing, enhancing  your fertility to give you the best chances of conception and a healthy pregnancy.

I work with individuals and couples to explore and discover any barriers and issues that you may be having that are contributing to difficulties with conceiving and pregnancy.

I help you to be fully informed and educated to make the best choices for you, to empower you to enable you to feel more resilient and in control of your journey, and always fully supported in all aspects of your care.

I help reduce the stress and anxiety, maximise the benefit of nurturing the physical and emotional health together, share tools and techniques for this journey, and beyond to reach the goal of a family.

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Why I Am So Passionate About Conception and Fertility

I have lived and experienced a long fertility journey, I remember only too well the emotional impact and the pain. Fertility struggles are such a personal experience and often we endure them alone or without anyone understanding, sometimes there are many thinks we don’t understand ourselves, the agonising hours googling and sleepless nights worrying, the fear, anticipation and the impact it can have on all aspects of our relationships and lives and the uncertainty for the future.

 The feelings of emotional overwhelm and the physical aspects of medications, treatments and the want to have someone with whom I can share, offload, connect knowing that they have expert knowledge, empathy and compassion to support me and my partners needs would have been something priceless. This would have saved me so much pain, time, money and heartache.

 That’s why I now want to share and help you! I endeavour to support others and equip them with and accompany them through their journey with more ease, offering comfort, sharing knowledge, enabling them to feel more control and able to move forward with resilience in their journey and the rest of their lives.


Are you struggling to conceive or having a tough fertility journey?

I hear you! It’s just not that easy for everyone, in fact 1 in 7 people have a fertility issue and its on the increase, so having endured my own long journey to complete my family, several IVFs, trips abroad and endless testing and procedures relying on hearsay, huge timescales and not always reliable education from ‘Dr Google’ I can honestly say ‘I get it. I’ve been on that rollercoaster! It’s not a nice place and the emotional impact that accompanies it is not for the faint hearted. That’s why I’m here to help you.

I have over 10 years of lived experience and knowledge, connections and networks that work, volunteer and support in the fertility/infertility sector. A lecturer by profession in health and social care, I have now become a holistic and mental health and wellbeing fertility coach utilising and combining an extensive skills set to educate, support and empower people on a difficult journey.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing but I can’t turn back my clock or time, and for me after 6 years I conceived my daughter naturally to complete my family and now have 3 children, but what I learned was invaluable. I want to help educate, equip and help all those who are on this rollercoaster to not just survive, but to do so with resilience and strength and get them the best possible outcomes.

What Will You Get When You Work With Me 

  •  Learn about menstrual health, natural contraception and/or options to preserve your fertility and maximise your fertility for the future al done online and 1:1 in comfort and privacy.  
  • Have support to plan for conception, including all aspects of health, assessments and a tailored support and advice personal to you.
  • Stress reduction techniques, resilience coaching and education, 1:1 sessions tailored to best support your needs with accompanying support material, digital resources and ongoing support throughout your journey and beyond.
  • A specifically designed programme blending CBT, NLP coaching and counselling and hypnotherapy techniques utilised maximise effectiveness and serve you for the best outcome.
  • Advice and signposting to advocate and help you to find the best affordable, accessible and useful help and services
  • Support services for early pregnancy, birth and bonding. I use the Freedom Family Formula for helping with the emotional wellbeing when your conception journey ends and the journey to parenthood begins, and continues beyond for as long as you may need me.

If you would like a free no obligation clarity call to discuss how I can help you then get in touch by clicking the button below

So why work with me?

I have been actively learning and supporting within this sector for over 10 years.

I became fascinated with fertility and conception when I went through the process of IVF abroad myself with the aim of completing my family. I have lived the journey, emotions and experiences and understand many of the physical aspects and emotional rollercoaster.

As an educator at heart the more I learned the more I grew a huge passion to help educate others to empower them. I am an experienced emotional wellbeing coach, and then specialised in fertility, holistic fertility and a range of training and qualifications ******* to best serve you and meet your needs.

Colloborations and Partners

I am co –founder of a wonderful non for profit organisation Fertility First UK set up to spread awareness, education and support with a range of partners and services to help those in the community with all aspects of fertility, conception and health. 

I work for Best Fertility Now as an Agony Aunty and contributor providing information and education to individuals and the public domain via a range of media services.

I have links with and collaborate with a range of experts, practitioners that all have skills and services that can be of benefit to clients and ensure that you will have access to the best diagnostic and treatment services.

Working together with others can help you to access more help and services, more easily, reducing anxiety, empowering you with the knowledge of increased options and to make informed choices.