mental health teenagers and corona virus

After reading an article today on the BBC website “Coronavirus: Child psychologists highlight mental health risks of lockdown”

I felt I needed to write this blog post on my thoughts…

Is it no surprise that children and young people are needing mental health and resilience skills now more than ever?

Prior to lockdown it was a challenge to access support and services or find ones that would meet the need, were accessible or within a timely manner for young people without the additional barriers of identifying the needs and getting young people to feel able to talk and engage.

With covid, lockdown and subsequent isolation, further disengagement, higher anxiety and stress levels in households across the UK more needs to be done to address the emotional needs of our children and young people.

It is easier and more cost effective to invest time and money into young people now when they need it than have to try and fix broken adults!

Find out more about me, my passion to help children, teens and families, let’s get talking, build communication skills, empathy and resilience and let lockdown bring us together emotionally not just physically.