Frequently Asked Questions

A series of my FAQ’s answered by Joanna Sinclair

What does a fertility coach do?
Every coach has unique ways of working and individually tailoring support to best meet the needs of their client to support them on their journey, this can be physical, emotional and practically.

It is important to find a good match and strategies and coaching style and skill set to best help you. I also work collaboratively with many practitioners in the sector and can help with advice on diagnosis, treatment and care based on your specific situation.

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What skills set and experience makes a good coach for you?
All coaches have different expertise and knowledge. I have lived experience of fertility and IVF and ‘I get it’.

It is from this perspective that inspired my qualifications as a holistic fertility coach, mind-set and emotional coach and work around supporting the physical and mind/body connection to help you prepare physically and emotionally and to do so with empathy and expert guidance.

I have a range of tools that can help you, techniques you can easily earn, a programme with a  blend of therapeutic approaches for body and mind that is tailored for each client to focus on their needs.

I work with evidence based approaches to help you navigate your way, learning and regaining control, help you to make informed choices and build strength and resilience whilst in the wait and helping to support you to move forward.

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How does stress and anxiety impact on fertility?

The impact of stress on the body is hugely detrimental, it imbalances hormones, can interfere with your reproductive cycles and the associated increases in cortisol and adrenaline is not favourable for conception and pregnancy.

Your body knows when your stressed and will not see it a favourable time for pregnancy when your stress levels are high. Stress can all hinder your chances of conceiving, but I hear you……..its just not easy to ‘relax and let it happen’

Studies have proved that those that work on the mind and body connection, and with coaches and therapists are almost twice as likely to get pregnant than those that didn’t.

That’s why I work on the mind and body connection, and integrate education with a holistic approach to reduce stress while nurturing the body and working collaboratively to enhance any reproductive assistance techniques and medical support for optimum effectiveness.

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How can coaching help me deal with the stress of infertility?
Managing your mind-set and maintaining a positive mind-set is challenging but with learned techniques, knowledge and education that makes you understand process’ and support in the most challenging times, having someone to talk to and help you to regain a little control when you feel overwhelm and anxious, when you need clarity of thought coaching with me can help you to become more emotionally aware, in control and resilient, reducing stress and maintaining more balance in your life and help boost your fertility.

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What is the success rate of the approach?

The success of this type of work is not easily quantifiable, sadly the truth of fertility and related issues is that there are no guarantees.

Every case and individual is different and as such so are options ad choices. However, it has been researched and been shown that those that undertake coaching or therapy are almost twice as successful in achieving pregnancy, both naturally and for those who were receiving assistance than those who did not partake in a coaching programme.

What is the range of your services and how much do your they cost?
My service costs vary but I price them to enable then to be as affordable to everyone as possible. I offer one off one hour sessions for assessment, education and empowerment,

Empower Hour – £50.00

A 1:1 intensive time with me to discuss whatever you wish in relation to fertility.

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50% Initial Coaching Session – £25.00

To enable you to experience and explore the coaching experience, my skills set and knowledge before committing to the full 8 week Freedom Fertility Formula Programme

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Mini Mind Reset – £25.00

Ideal for those times when you just need me! These can be in between planned sessions or as and when situations arise as I know that sometimes this can be so useful. A little clarity and calm for times of overwhelm and to regain control or a little rest and reset – 30 mins

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Do you only work with women?

No! I work with individual’s men and women, couples and with all types of family groups and arrangements to best support those on a journey to make a family by whatever means.

I also work collaboratively with a network of coaches and practitioners and organisations that can offer additional and complimentary support and services to those on the path to parenthood and beyond.

Would I need to travel to you and can you work with me/us in person?
No, I can work with individuals and couples remotely via a range of digital platforms, across time zones and countries and totally online.

I am currently developing couples group coaching and education events in person and online including webinars, free information, online coaching and a facebook support group and community.

More information will be released shortly and spaces will be limited this will be co-hosted by a male coach and include materials and contributions for a range of practitioners. To hear about these and other events join my newsletter and mailing list her

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However, if you prefer to work with me 1:1 or as a couple in person this can be arranged, to find out more click the button below

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What support can I get for free?
I also offer a network of online support platforms in my socials and voluntary work.

My Facebook Group

You can join my free Facebook group for support and education/information here

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My Blog

I also have an informative blog that is updated regularly with news and current fertility related events and information. Click below for my blog

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My Podcast – Talkin Fertility

Check out my podcast and listen in to some words of advice and wisdom, get some education and feel more informed and empowered and listen in on some chats with great experts and practitioners in the fertility sector.

Have the opportunity to ask questions and I will endeavour to cover the topics and answer then in the next episodes.

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Best Fertility Now/Fertility Education

As Agony Aunty and part of the Best Fertility Now news and Fertility Education platform you can email question in for a response from me and the team to

Fertility First UK

I am the co founder of a non for profit organisation Fertility First UK.

I am the ambassador and spokesperson and one of the directors of this project set up to help spread awareness, education and support for all those impacted by fertility, infertility, pregnancy or baby loss or related issues.

This can help clients to access free and discounted services from partners for fertility support, medical advice and consultations and treatment and useful educational and support materials, events, links and information for FREE to the community.

Fertility First UK