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Struggling to conceive is one of the hardest things a person will ever face. The very impact of that fertility journey can prevent pregnancy from actually happening. Not to forget the harm it does to a person’s life and their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

My own personal and lived experience and journey inspired me to Imagine how it would feel to be more stress free, easy going and to start living your life more fully instead of feeling stuck on the fertility rollercoaster.

Imagine how it would feel to be more stress free, easy going and to start living your life more fully instead of feeling stuck on the fertility rollercoaster. What would be the benefits to you, your relationships and health?


Conception Support

Get Pregnancy Ready

As a qualified and experienced holistic fertility therapist I can support those planning or trying to conceive in a variety of ways. With skills, tools and resources I provide I can help clients to track and understand their individual hormonal cycles.

I can teach and support you to understand your body and fertile times and to identify and track issues within your natural cycle helpful in medical or alternative intervention is recommended or sought. I have professional and established partners in both alternative and medical sectors relating to fertility that I collaborate with and can work with to meet your needs relating to all aspects of conception and health.

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Working with me can help to take back control of your everyday life whilst supporting your chances of having a baby. As a Freedom Fertility Formula Specialist I have the skills right from the start, you can share your pain with someone who knows how to listen in a way that you are guaranteed to feel heard, without judgement and with the ability to help.

I offer 1:1 specialist coaching sessions to reduce metal anguish of infertility and fertility issues and improve lives of clients and enhance pregnancy success.

A professional individual service with tools and resources made available to you both in persona and electronically, printable and on audio file always accessible to support your in person sessions.

Sessions and tools include content relating to:

  • Self -care, stress management and your core feelings
  • Understanding emotions and using them to your advantage
  • Reprogramming and rethinking
  • Raised awareness and changes of perspective
  • Emotional responses and self protection
  • Aid fertility naturally with imagination techniques
  • Liberation and resilience for life and enjoyment


Additional Sessions available:

The IVF enhancement process

Research and FFF results suggest that this work doubles the success rates of IVF.

Newly pregnant

Calming the fears that naturally come when you have had a difficult fertility journey.

Handling Loss

Help to resolve trauma from previous loss(es) and be there for you if you are experience loss whilst working together

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Freedom Fertility Formula – £50 per session

Discount for block of 3 or more of 10 percent

First session half price (£25)

Freedom Family Formula – £50 per session

Discount for block of 3 or more of 10 percent

First session half price (£25)


Alternative pathways

Supporting you through the decision to stop trying for your own baby and/or consider other ways to build a family. To offer sessions and assistance with this and future choices and actions.

If any of this resonates with you and you would like to book a discounted initial Freedom Fertility First Aid session please get in contact with me by email.

Consultations can be in person at my offices, a consultation suite locally at Swansea Wellbeing Centre or online at your convenience subject to my availability.

I have found Jo to always be so supportive and attentive to my fertility issues. Jo’s knowledge is incredibly vast, her personal experience and qualifications make her not only honest, but also makes it an educational journey. I have learnt so much in the time Jo has been coaching me, about myself and my fertility. After my miscarriages I was really lost and not everyone understands the pain and overwhelming sadness of something so traumatic. Coaching not only taught me to understand my physical and mental health, but also about my general well-being. If you have never had coaching before, please give it a go it makes you look at fertility and well-being in a completely different and more positive way. Jo’s professionalism means that I can ask her anything and nothing is ever classed as a silly question. I have shed many a tear with her, her empathy and understanding helps turn my negative thoughts into positives ones, she’s amazing at doing that!! Jo is truly inspirational, with such a positive outlook on everything. My fertility journey is much more relaxed with her around coaching me through it all, she is truly amazing. Everyone needs a Jo on their fertility journey and I for one highly recommend her.

'A' May 2020

I thankfully found Jo year ago when she was recommended by a trusted friend. Her knowledge is second to none and she is so supportive  and empathic. She is very approachable and always at at the end of the phone. I feel great after speaking to her And the sessions and what I have learned have made an excellent positive impact on me and my mindset. I would highly recommend her coaching and am grateful for her support during my ivf journey .


Jo is such an amazing person, professionally and as a friend. Honestly no matter what time, what questions you feel you need to ask. She supports you with her arms wide open. I feel like this is Such  an amazing quality to have while supporting individuals or partners wanting to extend their family but are struggling …a lot of people know this is such a sensitive situation . Jo will make you feel so relaxed about it all and you will start to see results. Just remember they won’t work over night. You have to put the effort in. I have one beautiful child but sadly I have also had a miscarriage and Jo has helped me through the loss and to be able to move forward.   Jo’s support and understanding and the way she uses her skills and things she does to help you to understand and improve your wellbeing and mindset is truly empowering  and gives you strength.

I have recommended several friend Jo’s coaching and now a family member who was told she was unlikely to get pregnant is now half way through her pregnancy. I am sure coaching by Jo had a huge positive influence on this.

Honestly I generally would not recommend anyone  else. My personal opinion is don’t rush to spend on IVF and rely on science alone. Let Jo guide you the right natural way first and allow her to support and advise you with nature and science together.

JB 2020

I can’t thank Joanna enough for all the expertise and support she gave my husband and I during our journey to conceive. Her knowledge and understanding was outstanding, she has huge empathy and through lives experience she can relate to so many things that many people will never understand. She supported us emotionally and practically during 3 ivf cycles abroad and subsequently through the adoption process to complete our family I’m 2018. Her coaching sessions and resources are second to none they not only helped build our resilience and strength but helped us improve and maintain our relationship ship, mental health and more positive attitude to life whilst on our journey. What she has taught us both as a couple will resonate and help us forever and we are ever thankful. I still value her advice and help and she is always so approachable, professional and constructive! She has honesty been a rock for us. 

SH 2020

I have known Jo both as a education professional and coach closely for many years. She supported my husband and I both separately and as a couple through our difficult journey trying to conceive and subsequent IVF treatments in the U.K. and abroad. She was always a pivotal Part of our emotional health and has amazing empathy, knowledge and strategies to equip us and help us get through the toughest times. When we adopted she helped us through the process to complete our family. We are very grateful for her help and would recommend reaching out to her, it will be a life changer.

'S & C' July 2020