Helping To Make Families and Helping People On Their Journey To Conceive.

Having spent 6 years trying to conceive my 3rd child, my daughter, my fertility journey led me on a path to a huge passion to help others. This quest to conceive took me to other countries and around the world, to use assisted conception and eventually a natural conception. It was everything I learned, discovered and experienced that sparked my passion to help others and the desire to train as a Freedom Fertility Specialist. This combined with my knowledge of health and a qualification in holistic fertility enables me to provide support to those on their journey to conceive.

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I can help you overcome barriers, gain knowledge to empower you and best aid your fertility, to support your mental and physical wellbeing. With a specialist professional programme, support resources, tools and expert knowledge and skills.  I am able to support those who may need assistance or consider alternative ways to choose to build families for example with ivf or adoption. However families are made all are as individual as we are. I aim to support potential parents to build resilience and to live their best lives while in the wait, with a personal and client centred approach with individuals or couples I can help you on your journey to build your family.


My service costs vary but I price them to enable then to be as affordable to everyone as possible. I offer one off one hour sessions for assessment, education and empowerment,

Empower Hour – £50.00

A 1:1 intensive time with me to discuss whatever you wish in relation to fertility.

50% Initial Coaching Session – £25.00

To enable you to experience and explore the coaching experience, my skills set and knowledge before committing to the full 8 week Freedom Fertility Formula Programme

Click below to find out more about the full Freedom Fertility Formula programme

Mini Mind Reset – £25.00

Ideal for those times when you just need me! These can be in between planned sessions or as and when situations arise as I know that sometimes this can be so useful. A little clarity and calm for times of overwhelm and to regain control or a little rest and reset – 30 mins

My Podcast – Talkin’ Fertility with Jo Sinclair


Jo Sinclair's podcast - Talkin Fertility


For details of upcoming events please check out my events link on my social media here Resilience In-Fertility

Through my voluntary work as spokesperson and ambasabor for Fertility First UK we are constantly organising events of which I am often heavily involved and can be found in the event section here