Wellbeing & Creative Workshops & Bespoke Training

Do you know someone that could benefit from understanding emotional and building resilience skills for life that love creative and practical tasks?

Resilience Reborn Workshops combine coaching and resilience building skills with crafting and creativity, fun, engaging and mindfully learning self-help strategies whilst creating personalised resources to maintain wellbeing, addressing stress, anxiety, confidence and self-esteem issues and encouraging young people to feel empowered and in control of emotions and better more resilient for life.

Relaxation, learning and therapy with a creative twist!

Participants make their individual takeaway resource that combine to make a resilience toolbox to aid mental health and wellbeing for life. Bespoke sessions and tailored events can be arranged in prior consultation if required.

Resilient Kids Workshops

Helping children to become confident and learn techniques to encourage and enjoy calm and creative experiences. A CMA accredited creative youth and wellbeing programme and fusion of CBT, mindfulness, social skills, game play, sensory and creative exploration and experience.

Resilient kids uses creative therapy techniques and tried and tested resources, activities and tools to promote;

  • Communication
  • Self awareness
  • Kindness
  • Embodies gratitude
  • Raises confidence
kids arts and crafts

Sessions and programmes help children to understand and verbalise their thoughts and emotions, being particularly suitable and helpful for awareness with autism or additional needs or those suffering from anxiety or trauma.

The core 8 session programme (which is adaptable and can be tailored to meet specific needs for clients) Consists of the following:

Session 1 – Focus moods

Session 2 – Emotions

Session 3 – Kindness

Session 4 – Gratitude

Session 5 – Intention and goal setting

Session 6 – Creating a calm place

Session 7 – Anxiety

Session 8 – My awesome self

Prior to any sessions individual needs of all participants are required in advance in order to ensure safety and emotional wellbeing, inclusion and an awareness of individual specific requirements and needs. 

Materials and resources can be fully supplied by me the course facilitator however there may be a reduced cost if supplies and materials are contributed to or independently sourced. Resources and support material can be made available to partners. All children will take away any products they create during the sessions.