Why you may think your ovulating and your not……..

So many people when trying to conceive rely on ovulation prediction kits or tests that use morning urine to detect.

These simple test strips rely on detecting a hormone in your urine called LH this is seen as an easy way to detect ovulation at home.

These strips are about 97 % accurate at detecting LH in urine, however they are not the best way to ensure that you are in fact ovulating. The LH presence merely means that your body is preparing to ovulate and not in fact that it definitely will or has.

The strips should be used over a series of key days mid cycle, however remember that everyone is unique and it is key that you take time to learn how your individual body works and your cycles and ovulation and any hormonal responses may differ as we all do from person to person.

They are very little help if you have very irregular cycle or PCOs for example and may not be ovulating. The OPKs are also not a quantitative measurement it merely looks at the presence rather than the amount and gives only a snapshot of a much larger jigsaw that often needs to be investigated and pieces together and the OPKs are best used with additional methods to gather and monitor more information and piece together a larger picture.

You should be looking for physical signs of ovulation, using alternative methods and the only sure way to know if you are ovulating effectively is a sonography scan.

People also don’t always use the OPK and other methods to their maximum effectiveness, and by learning how to combine the methods and chart your cycles effectively you can gather much information that is helpful to ensure that you are timing intercourse effectively and that you have helpful information to give to any Doctor to help consider and personalise plans should medical assistance be sought.

If you would like to know more about the ways to effectively chart your cycle, to use this information to best time intercourse and to learn about other methods, how to collect data and chart your cycles, confidently getting to know your individual body then I can help!